The colors of the furniture

Please, choose the color which best suits your home


Our furniture and accessories are produced in various kinds of colors: red, blue, green, pink and ivory.

Each machining is performed with care in order to provide to our customers an excellent quality long lasting product. When you want to order furniture for your environments, you can, always, choose between colors available. If, however, you wish to request a particular color … there is no problem!

New “Fantasy”colors

Along with the traditional solid colors, we are pleased to announce the new line 2015 with decorative fresh and elegant topics for your furniture painted and handmade decorated according to our local tradition.


Have you seen our products?

We carry out many types of processing and decorations for various types of household furniture, from the object-holder to the chessboard, you will find what is right for you, even at your house. Yes, because the cabinet is a furnishing accessory for your home, a way to make it more comfortable and personal.

Vuoi avere un’idea di spesa?

Seleziona i prodotti che trovi all’interno del nostro sito e richiedi un preventivo gratuito che non ti obbliga all’acquisto, scegli senza impegno quello che vorresti ed inviavi la richiesta, ti risponderemo il prima possibile.

Did you find what you are looking for?

No problem, contact us immediately and tell us what are your needs and we’ll make your dreams.